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Hey y'all! So nice to meet you. I adore all things weddings and happily-ever-after. Growing up, I always admired the love my grandparents shared, as they were married for 72 years. Last November, my now-husband Nick got down on one knee and proposed using the gold from their wedding bands. Every day, I strive to infuse my life with the values of my family - love, joy, and faith. I earned my degree in Marketing and Supply Chain, but my passion for event planning really blossomed after working for Shannon Gail Weddings in Chicago, helping to coordinate the season's top weddings. I love serving those around me, and I will make sure you enjoy your day worry-free with a glass of champagne in hand!  

confident • joyful


Hi hi! My name is Kelleen and I'm the kind of girl that cries at sappy “Hallmark” movies. From a young age I've always ADORED romance!
I met my husband in high school and have been living out my own epic love story. I first realized my excitement for wedding planning when I planned my older sister's wedding. I found my confidence through the details, checklists, and outlining – but recognized my true passion by helping someone else live out their love story during their wedding day. I became an assistant wedding planner for Simply Events LLC while I finished my business degree from Miami University, and am so excited to have my own business to make even more dreams come true!

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Meet the Planners

My favorite things consist of Jesus, my husband, my family, sunshine, and coffee - in that order. I am the girl that prefers 100 degree heat over snow any day of the year. My dream is to own a ranch in Texas with my husband and to use part of the property for a coffee shop, community center, and event space. Come see us in 20 years and see if our dream has become a reality. In my spare time, I love being outdoors and going for hikes, especially in Nashville where I grew up. While the south calls my name, my family is from Ohio and I met my husband at Miami, so for now my heart is happily here in Cincinnati!


One of my favorite things to do is snuggle up with my husband and binge-watch Netflix. Although my top pick will always be rom-coms, I've learned to compromise and watch pretty much all of the genre movies that are out there. I love spending time with Jesus in the morning and reading my bible, while sipping my cup of coffee. I am obsessed with dogs, but especially my two pups Cane & Bo. Cane is a Goldendoodle and Bo is a Saint Berdoodle. You can just about guarantee to see more pictures of them if you hire us!! Lastly, I love to travel. I've been to over a dozen different countries all around the world and can't wait to keep adding to the list. 


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